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Friday, May 20, 2016

City auction

I stopped by the city auction this morning to see what was happening. There were over 100 bicycles. The bidding was choice out, and the first bid went to $65. It did not take long for the bid to top at $10. I did not stay to see how low the final bids would be.

The city had five vehicles in the auction. An auction is one of the few ways that local governments can dispose of unwanted or surplus property.

Below are some water pumps. There were a number of items that would be on interest to a very limited audience.
Completely different were these decorative swords. I wonder how they got into the auction.
On the way to the sale, I saw the first concrete pour for the high water treatment plant. The workers there have been busy moving dirt for most of the week.
Today is the last day of school for the local schools. High school graduation is Sunday.

Update: Family Dollar in the College Mall will soon be Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree acquired the Family Dollar change about a year ago.

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