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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Removing a bell

Last Tuesday SJC hosted a Business-after-Hours event. While I was there I saw Steve Clapp of Steve's Specialized Services and I asked him what he was doing at the Trinity United Methodist Church. He said that he had been tuck pointing, and that on Wednesday he had hired a crane to remove a 500 pound bell that was located deep in the bell tower. It has not been used for years, with the bell sounds now generated by electronic bells.

On Wednesday I stopped by at the time he thought the bell would be removed but I was too late. The bell was already in the truck, but Steve said that he would post pictures on Facebook and that I could use them. He said that it had only taken about ten minutes to remove the bell.
The bell will be refinished and displayed in the Trinity United Methodist Church.
After the bell was removed, the crane went to remove an air conditioner on a building that fronts Washington. The crane tried to find a position in the alley between Front and Van Rensselaer, but could not set up because of power lines. The air conditioner will have to be disassembled and removed piece by piece.
(Corrected name of church.)

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Anonymous said...

Slight is Trinity United Methodist Church. The bell is dated 1853 but has not been in that belfry all that time.