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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Where should the next mural go?

The new mural on the side of eMbers has impressed a lot of people. Maybe it will inspire some additional street art. Here are several sides of buildings that I think would be improved with a nice mural. First, the side of Gutwein Seeds. They already host some art in their front window. Why not go big?

The lot is for sale and it is possible that another building may be built here, and that may discourage any decoration. Facing the same lot is the wall of the Rensselaer Republican building.
The pink walls of the Schantz building would look nice with a mural.
The wall of Doggers has a metal siding that has ridges but it faces a parking lot so it is unlikely that a building will be place in front of it.
Leaving the highway, the walls of Ayda's look ready for some decoration, perhaps something with a Mexican theme to advertise the restaurant.

Across the street the bland walls of Walter's Electric could be improved with decoration.

I have no problems with well-done signage that advertises the business in the building. At one time this wall did that. Now you can barely make out that it once had a Stunt Dog sign with a large dog.


Anonymous said...

You have been busy imagining good works. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

no where it looks awful

Desert Survivor said...

Ely, Nevada has used murals as a way to show off history of the area. Here's more info on them:

Hope Rensselaer sees some more murals, the new one is beautiful!