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Saturday, July 23, 2016

End of a busy week

I made only two visits the the fair this year--it was hot and I had other things keeping me occupied.
This old road grader did not have any signs indicating how old it was. It may have been one of the older things on display in the Retired Iron barn.
 These old corn shellers on display in the Retired Iron barn were also very old. I was told that kids enjoyed them.
 Traveling on SR 114, I stopped to take a picture of the memorial to the Hanging Grove School that is under construction. It expected something a little smaller.
Rich's Cycle Solutions burned this week. The Thursday's Rensselaer Republican had details.
 The control building for the storm water treatment plant is getting walls. Lincoln Street is completely blocked with construction material.
 Part of the plant will be circular and the rebar for that part is on site.
 On Saturday TV Cable had a customer appreciation day. During it, Ted Filson, who founded the company was given a posthumous Sagamore of the Wabash award. It was accepted by his widow and son.
Recently the company changed the menu of options and some people at the event were updating what they were getting.

For several days this past week crop dusters were flying in and out of the airport, buzzing the town. They have moved on.

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Grey Friar said...

I remember the hand crank corn sheller's. My grandmother Cavendish had one that I got to use to shell of the corn to feed to her chickens.

Here is a link to photos of a similar towed road grader:

It should have a manufacturer's data plate on it somewhere.