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Monday, July 4, 2016

Fireworks and more

The Jasper Fair Association put on a very nice fireworks display on Saturday night. I watched with a couple dozen other people from Brookside Park.
 The Visit Rensselaer Facebook page has a video of the fireworks.
 Meandering around town on Sunday I noticed that the old Chrysler-Dodge dealership had temporarily transformed into a fireworks store. Judging from the amount of noise the past few nights, it must have done a good business.
 I missed the open house for the fire station. In front is their 9-11 memorial, moved from the old station.
 Behind it are two benches. One was in celebration of the Indiana bicentennial. (In the early years I tried to get pictures of all the plaques around town. I can add this one to the collection.)
 I was actually more excited by what is in this picture.
 There is now a sidewalk in front of Kirby Risk. The sidewalk extends from Monroe Street past the Fire Station. Unfortunately, there are no decent sidewalks from Monroe to the east.

I did not see anything about a ground breaking ceremony for the expansion of National Gypsum, but they clearly have broken ground. Lots of dirt has been moved but there is no actual construction yet.
 If you are unsure of where National Gypsum is located, it is across the road from the Rensselaer Solar Park.

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Please keep up the good work you do in seeking out new and different scenes in the area. Thank you.