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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Duck Derby and more LCJ

On Saturday the river was too high for the duck derby, so instead it was held next to Brookside Park in the Maxwell ditch. Miss Little Cousin Jasper helped launch the ducklings.
 The current caught some and sped them ahead while others were blown into the weeds along the bank. The wind was from the west, so eventually all of them drifted over to the east bank.
 The SJC basketball team helped with the event. They had shovels and rakes to push the ducks away from the bank.
 The winner was the first one to get into the little slot of the PVC pipes.
 No actual ducks were harmed during the running of this event.

On Friday night the new Little Cousin Jasper and Little Miss Cousin Jasper were crowned.
 There were a lot of food booths at the festival. I suppose some of them travel from festival to festival in the fall--there is an area festival just about every weekend.
 Among the attractions were pony rides.
 Sheltered Reality, a percussion group, performed on Friday night, but their performance was cut short by rain.
 The big-name attraction was Jake Gill, who performed on Saturday night.
 On Sunday morning an interdenominational prayer service was held.
Among the booths I visited was that for YNG or You'll Never Guess, Rensselaer's new 3-printer company. They had a variety of items for sale and had one of their printers operating under their canopy. (It only got stopped twice by the rain.) A lot of people stopped by to learn what they offered and a number of them bought their Rensselaer Bomber cookie cutters.

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