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Thursday, October 27, 2016

A visit to Meadow Springs

The Meadow Springs event center recently opened at the intersection of SR 114 and US 421 (just south of Francesville). Every time I have passed by I have wondered what it looks like inside and this week I was able to see when CDC Resources held its annual dinner there.

The main hall has 8000 square feet of space. It can seat 500 people for a dinner.
One of the people at the dinner said that the opening had been delayed because the facility was required to have a sprinkler system and it had to be added after the building was completed.

The center has a smaller room called the Celebration Room that will hold about 120 people for a meal. It is carpeted, while the main room has a concrete floor. The website says that this room can be used as a bad-weather backup for events that are planned outdoors.
The floor plan can be seen here. It is a nice facility and it also has a bread and breakfast on the site in the form of an old house. It does, however, seem a bit strange to locate it in the middle of nowhere.

Back in Rensselaer, the soybeans have been harvested and preliminary work has begun on the new Sayler Apartments that will be located at the north end of Elza Street. This project was mentioned at the Drainage Board meeting in September. Ultimately there may be four ten-unit apartment buildings on the site.

Addendum: LNG is now selling their 3-D printers. See their announcement on Kickstarter.

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