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Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall pictures and more

The chipper that worked its way through the city brush pile on Matheson Street a couple weeks ago left a huge pile of wood chips. Last week trucks were hauling them away. I am not sure exactly where they were deposited, but I saw the trucks heading out toward the sewage treatment plant west of SJC. I believe the steam is from the heat generated from fermentation in the pile and it rises as the excavator strips away the surface layers.
 Below is the excavator filling a truck. There were many truckloads taken out.
 The maples are impressive though many may be past their prime. Our neighborhood has been raining leaves for several days.
 This picture was taken on the last Saturday of October.
 Here is the scene a week later on the first Saturday of November. Beauty is fleeting.
 The sweet gum tree has beautiful fall leaves but it is not much planted. I suspect people do not like the seed pods.
 Work was being done to the back wall of the Horton Building last week.
 Progress continues on what was Jack's Uptown Service.
 There is now a roof on the new building at C&C Warehousing.
 CDC Resources has a new donation box at the College Mall. It is along the side entrance from Kannal Street.
These boxes are built by CDC Resources. See here for a bit more.

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