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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mostly pictures

Despite not yet having a real frost--just a morning or two of patchy frost--the leaves may be approaching peak color. Below is a maple that was probably planted for its fall colors.
 The tulip trees are also near or at peak color.
 The City's leaf vacuum has been roaming the streets.
 Football season is over but there are still some downtown windows that have not been washed.
 I have not posted a picture of the quarry for some time. The water keeps creeping up the road. If you look carefully, you might see a lot of geese in the water. It is a safe place for them.
 Street paving seems to be finished but the crew filling cracks is out and about. There are a lot of cracks to fill.
 There is a lot of dirt being moved on North Elza in preparation for construction of an apartment building.
 Almost every day the old gas station next to eMbers is a little different.
 It is hard to see what progress is being made on the National Gypsum addition, but the dirt in front has been smoothed and grass mats have been placed to help get a lawn started.
 Not too far away a storage building for C&C Warehousing is taking shape. It appears to be twice the size of the original building, with bays on both sides.
 Work continues on the high rate treatment plant. There is still a lot of rebar on the street so there must be a lot left to do.

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Thank you for beauty and practical bits around Rensselaer!