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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Primary School Art Exhibit

It is time for the annual primary school art exhibit in the foyer of the Core Building at SJC. Since last year's was the 23 annual, this must be the 24th annual exhibit.
It is always fun to see what projects the teachers are giving the students. Does anyone remember the Op Art?

The snowmen drawing is an exercise in perspective.
A little pop-art pointillism is fun.
This was as close to zentangle art that I found. (The Jasper County Public Library has a zentangle event on February 8 with limited seats available.)
More than one school was doing foil reliefs.
I have learned a lot about symmetry in the past couple years. This picture attempts to illustrate reflective or mirror symmetry, where one half the image is a reflection of the other half.
Except for the R, the other letters in the word "symmetry" can all be formed with symmetry, though the S will have two-fold rotational symmetry, not mirror symmetry. Besides R, letters J and P cannot be formed with symmetry unless they are very oddly shaped.

The awards ceremony for the exhibit will be February 5.

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