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Friday, January 27, 2017

Winter returns

Winter has returned with a bit of snow decorating the scenery this morning. We will have below average temperatures for the next few days.

The Elza Street apartments now have a roof and one can see what the building will look like when finished. Soon the exterior may be finished and then there will be no point in taking additional pictures.
The workers are busy on Lincoln Street with the high rate treatment plant but it is very difficult to see what they are doing. Much of the work is inside the structures. Today more concrete was being poured.
Financial problems at Saint Joseph’s College have been reported in the Lafayette paper, WLFI, and the Rensselaer Republican. A letter from the president of the college about the problems has been posted on Facebook.

This is not the first time that SJC has faced crisis. A year or two before I came the Administration Building of the College burned and that loss required many changes that were aided by a large fund raiser. A year or two after I arrived in the mid 1970s they had a financial crisis that resulted in the Board invoking financial exigency, which allowed the College to downsize staff and faculty. For several years after pay was frozen. I hope that SJC is able to figure out a way forward from this crisis as they have in the past.

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