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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

24th regional high school art show

The 24th Annual High School Art Show is on display in the Core Building at Saint Joseph's College. If there is a 25th next year, it probably will be at a different location. The number of works seems considerably smaller this year than last, though it may be that some of the schools have not yet gotten their contributions to the show.

KV had some portraits and this one was striking for its size and resemblance to many political portraits from the Obama years.
 I liked this picture. I think it was also from KV.
From South Newton came several batiks.
 A student from Rensselaer drew this strange picture.
 The same student did the picture that is featured on the posters for this year's exhibit.
 There were several paper sculptures from Tri-County. The one below is of a unicorn.
 There were several alphabet-art pictures from South Newton. I thought this one very clever.
The show will be on display until March 5, the date of the reception for the show.

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