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Friday, February 10, 2017

On the way to Limelight

Several people have asked me if those who have retired from Saint Joseph's College will have their pensions affected by the closing. The answer is "No." The retirement plan that SJC has is the same that Purdue and Indiana University and almost every other college in the United States has: TIAA-CREF. It is a defined contribution plan. Each person has an account and the college has no control over money that is put into that account. Most professors teach at more than one college or university during their teaching careers and TIAA-CREF lets them move without disruption to their pensions. The plan is a 403(b) which is almost the same thing as a 401(k) but is available to nonprofit organizations rather than for-profit organizations.

On the way to check out the Limelight for Special Creations exhibit at the Carnegie Center, I noticed that there was a crane on the worksite of the high water treatment plant. It was getting ready to lift the large metal thingie and place it into the large concrete structure.
 As I was watching the assistant street superintendent came by and said that they had planned to do the lift yesterday but getting the top metal piece attached to the bottom metal piece had taken longer than they expected. I waited a bit and then decided to go to the Carnegie Center to take pictures there. I should have had more patience because when I got back the lift was almost completed. I missed the photo that I wanted to take.
 The metal piece was still not completely in place. The workers were making adjustments below. Eventually the piece was lowered so the I-beams were resting on the concrete.

 The annual Limelight on Special Creations opened on Friday and will run until March 10. Half the gallery contains works from Cooperative School Services and half from CDC Resources. Some of the art on the Cooperative School Services side of the exhibit resemble pieces in the art exhibit from the various schools that are in the Core Building lobby because the art teachers are the same.
 There was a nice portrait of Elsa from the movie Frozen.
In addition to drawings and paintings, the CDC Resources side of the exhibit had photographs that were previously on display in the library.
On the left is a picture of the statue of General Milroy. This week as I was wandering the Internet I discovered that a small town in Minnesota located about 30 miles from where I spent most of my boyhood is named after General Milroy. I do not why--the biography of Milroy on Wikipedia does not mention a Minnesota connection.

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Kevin Earnest said...

That looks like the "Hydro-Dynamic Separator". The mechanism that will actually do the high rate treatment. Here the manufacturer's website with a few process descriptions and sales materials: