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Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 Regional Middle Level Art Show

The third and final of the three area school exhibits is now showing in the lobby of the Core Building at SJC. As I entered the lobby, I instinctively tilted my camera to take a picture of the optical collages from North Newton students
 This colorful and well drawn peacock had a big gold sticker that indicates that the judges liked it a lot. It was from a student at KV.
 Using a marker and watercolor, a student at DeMotte Christian School did this design that also merited a big gold sticker.
 I did not recognize what the point of this work was until I read the caption. It is a Piet Modrian inspired animal and there were a number of other items from the same assignment given to Rensselaer students. (The Modrian part of this is the design of the giraffe's spots.)
 Faces are hard to draw so I am always impressed with a well-drawn face.
 There is a lot of detail in these colorful hands.
The show runs until April 9, the day of the Awards Ceremony.

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Jasper County Historical Society said...

Yes, I need to go out to see them. Was there and forgot to look. Love what you shared.