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Monday, May 8, 2017

Last frost?

This morning the temperature dipped below freezing and there was a light frost on the grass. May 8 is later than usual for the last frost, but late frosts have been recorded for most of May.
 Lafayette Bank and Trust is getting a new roof.
 I visited SJC this morning to see how the closing is proceeding. There are still baseball players on campus and janitorial/maintenance personnel ere busy. Like most years, the departing students left a lot of trash, but most of it was in dumpsters. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the campus appeared.
 Students in the apartments had a big bonfire before they left. They even burned some books. There was a partially burned accounting book on the ashes.
 The weirdest thing I saw was a contractor crew painting Halleck Center and doing something with the concrete that was installed earlier this year. I asked why they were painting and was told that they were finishing a contract that had been paid.
 Coming back to town on Sparling I found a truck taking an oversized trailer to the trailer park (at least that is where I think they were headed). They had a lot of trouble making the turn onto Washington. Do you see what is missing the in picture?
The stop sign had to be removed so the truck could maneuver the trailer around the corner.

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