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Friday, May 26, 2017

Odds and ends, May 26 2017

On Wednesday workers were taking down the fencing around the tennis courts at Saint Joseph's College. Below is a picture from the afternoon.
 On Thursday afternoon all the posts were gone.

The two goal posts on the practice field east of the field house were also removed. I have no idea why any of this was done.
 On Wednesday I noticed a large number of parts for wind turbines south of US 24 between Wolcott and Remington. I searched the Internet to find more, but found little. The town of Wolcott had a two pictures a couple weeks ago, and I found an article from last November announcing a contract to sell the output from an expansion of the Meadow Lake farm. I did not get a picture, but there were a lot wind mill pieces.

Also to our south, the artist who did the bird mural on the wall of Embers has been busy in Fowler. He has painted grain on one elevator silo and has some other projects scheduled. It is surprising he is back in Indiana because he lives in San Francisco.

The LaRue pool now has water.
 The playground and many other park areas have new mulch.
 On Thursday there was activity in the O'Reilly building. Stocking seems to be beginning. To the north the excavation at GRG Service is finished and the area has a new concrete surface. Concrete was also being poured this week at the Marathon by the railroad. I think that means that the new fuel tanks have been installed.
A crew was working on the landscaping at the high rate treatment plant and perhaps they have finally finished the project.
Have a nice weekend.

Update: See comments for more about the goal posts and fencing.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the expense of removal of "stuff" at St Joe. Where's it going? Why not use $ doing that for grounds & bldg maintenance. Someone, sometime might want a fence around the tennis courts. Are townies going to be able to play there? Oh, liability?

Anonymous said...

No one is allowed at SJC except current personnel. All due to liability issues

Anonymous said...

I heard that they are going to put up a fence and gates around the campus to keep people out.

Anonymous said...

No, they are not fencing off the whole campus.

Anonymous said...

The fencing from the tennis courts is being moved to Lake Benet to block access to the lake. The insurance company ordered this for liability issues.

Anonymous said...

Also, the goal posts are owned by Pop Warner and are being moved to storage until a new practice area can be found.

Anonymous said...

As I drove through campus Saturday afternoon it appeared as if there was a travel baseball tournament going on. So, some things are still taking place as they had in the past. That might have been the last item. It would make sense to keep using current venues for money...camps, etc instead of sitting vacant as long as the organization is willing to pay the typical rate.

Also, as I looked my classroom window on Thursday I found it interesting to see Camer1 working with our students in the courtyard. I had no idea he was going to be at our school. I obviously was familiar with a little bit of his work due to Embers wall.