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Friday, July 28, 2017


The Jasper County Welfare office, whose official name seems to be the Jasper County Impact Office has moved. They were on the corner of Grace/Kannal and College by the gun shop.

 Their new location is in the north end of what was once Fashion Bug. I had heard that Child Protective Services would also be moving to this location but was told by one of the women working there that they decided to stay on Drexel Drive.
 In about a week Birthright will be moving to the old Impact office.

I heard a rumor of what might be moving into the rest of the old Fashion Bug space but do not have enough info to pass it on. However, watch the space. Something may be coming there.

On Friday Teen Mission had an event at Brookside Park. They offered an inflatable for the kids.
And they brought in the Food Finders truck for free food for adults. They told people to bring laundry baskets to take away the food and a lot of people did.
 A few days ago I stopped by the future site of the Watt substation to see what progress was being made. Some foundations have been poured.
Today is the Rock the Arts festival.

Update: I just noticed on Facebook that there is a person who does body piercings moving above Unique Finds.

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Meredith Grow said...

Its the Division of Family and Social Services.