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Monday, July 17, 2017

Sunday at the Fair

(For a lot more pictures (and videos) from the Jasper County Fair, check the Jasper County Fair Association's Facebook page.)

I visited the Jasper County Fair on Sunday evening. The Community Building had the living statue, which people were invited to paint.
 Also in the Community Building was the volunteer fair.

There were a lot of people wandering around and many were enjoying the fair food.
 There was a tractor pull for kids that attracted a large crowd.
 New this year was a catch and release fishing pond. The fish were some kind of catfish and they all schooled together.
What is a county fair without animals?
 I was confused when I went into the Dairy Building and did not see any udders. I found out that many of the animals were steers, which I thought strange, but a lady explained that the breed mattered. They were steers of a breed that is primarily dairy. Because the cows that are producing milk have to be milked several times a day, they only come in to be judged and do not stay at the fair.

The Community Band performed in the Retired Iron building.
 The old Parr Post Office is falling apart and will not be open this year. The Jasper County Historical Society needs money to restore it. However, this year's big restoration project is the log cabin.
The Heritage Gospel group was on the free stage.
The full schedule of events is available here.

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