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Thursday, August 31, 2017

City Council, Aug 28, 2017

The City Council meeting had a short agenda on Monday, but the meeting lasted almost an hour. After the usual preliminaries, the Council agreed to close a block of Van Rensselaer Street for Oktoberfest on Sept 30 and a block of Susan Street for St. Augustine's Fall Frolic on September 23. The airport manager reported that there will be another Aviation Career Day in May, 2018 and that fuel sales have been at record levels for July and August, largely because of crop dusting. On September 8 there will be first responder training at the airport and, as reported in the previous post, on September 16 the airport will host an event called Tunes on the Tarmac.

The first item on the agenda, an ordinance for using City issued credit cards, was tabled to the next meeting because changes need to be made to it. The Council approved the Cemetery's purchase of a mini-excavator (it will also be used by other City departments) for a bit less than $54K. City workers tested John Deere and Caterpillar models and preferred the Caterpillar model, so it was purchased though it cost a bit more.

On August 17 the Council had met to discuss salaries for the upcoming year and had approved a 3% increase. There were a couple of items they had not resolved, and they were picked up and resolved. One of the Council members observed that the City pays well compared to the private sector.

At the previous meeting the Council had heard a presentation on lease-buy. The committee formed to examine that option recommended that it be an option that the City could consider in the future. Council approved that recommendation.

The Mayor noted that there were problems with the restrooms in City Hall--they have sometimes flooded. The project coordinator promised to look into the matter. The Police Chief thanked other City workers for help in moving the items that he purchased at the SJC sale. He noted that the items were considerably cheaper than what he would otherwise have had to pay. The Park Board will meet Tuesday at 6:00 in the Council Chambers. The roads in the North addition to Weston Cemetery have been seal-coated. Work on the storm sewers on Elm Street is about half finished. There will be work on street patching and some sidewalk repairs this week. Work is progressing on the Watt substation on Bunkum Road.

Below is a picture taken Wednesday of the Watt station site.
 New utility poles are being installed along CR 850W and REMC is doing the work.
 A small parking lot is taking shape in Weston Cemetery. On Wednesday stone was put down.
 A bit to the north, an new pad for bleachers by the soccer field was being constructed.

Rensselaer's Main Street group has a survey about downtown Rensselaer that is connected to a planning grant that the City of Rensselaer recently received. You can take the survey here and give the planners some input.

I enjoy seeing what new things are for sale at the SJC sale. Earlier this week I noticed some serious weight lifting equipment.
 You can buy all the hangers you will ever need.
 I had not seen lamps previously.
 There were a lot of janitorial items displayed.

Have a nice Labor Day weekend.

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