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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Eclipse week

The much hyped eclipse came and went exactly on schedule. I took a picture of the shadows near peak coverage.
 Here is another view of the eclipse from the weather station at City Hall. You can see the effect on solar radiation and Ultraviolet rays.
There will be another total eclipse in 2024 and Indianapolis and Fort Wayne will be in the path of totality.

The new walking path in Milroy Park has been paved.
 It is not quite finished--the ends of the trail are still incomplete.
 There was only one meeting this week that I noticed. The Benton-Jasper Drainage Board met on Tuesday in a follow-up meeting of their meeting in June and mostly they rehashed what had been discussed at the previous meeting.

Work continues on remodeling the building next to the Lafayette Bank and Trust and I still have not heard what will be there. D-Tech Wireless has closed their Rensselaer office. They opened in 2016 with an entrance to the parking lot of the Town Mall. The shuttle service between Morocco and Rensselaer is on hold. They got a private contract so will not be doing the runs for at least 90 days.

I stopped by the big sale at SJC on Wednesday afternoon. I noticed a weed growing in the tennis court--nature is relentless.
 There was a lot of new stuff on display. These benches were priced at $250 each. I do not recognize them.
 There were a lot of pictures ad small refrigerators.
 There is still lots of furniture, and I think much of it was not there a week ago.
 I wondered where the bikes came from. Were they left by students or did the College own them?
 Fancy desks from some administration office was for sale. All colleges have lots of administrators these days, so there should be lots of office desks for sale.


ChristianGal78 said...

I believe the building next to lafayette bank and trust will be where WIC will be moving into when they move into thier new office on washington street according to what I have heard.

Anonymous said...

For an institution that is trying to sell hope of a future...they(or their money man) are really getting rid of alot of things they may need in that "future". At near greedy prices too!