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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ribbon Cutting at Endless Treasure

Endless Treasures had its ribbon cutting on Friday.
All the booth space in the store is occupied and the owner is trying to arrange space to allow more booths. The hallway leading out of the main room is now completely different. The original plan was for it to be tools and related items but it is now clothes. Previous posts are here and here.

In news that indirectly affects Rensselaer, CVS is purchasing 20 Fagan Pharmacies in NW Indiana. They will convert 8 to CVS stores and close 12. Among those to be closed are stores in DeMotte, Wheatfield, Roselawn, and Francesville. I think the closure will leave Francesville without a pharmacy.

I stopped by the big sale at SJC to see what was happening. I asked how long the sale would go on and was told ten or twelve weeks--there were still a lot of buildings to empty. As I was leaving, a van from Ancilla College arrived and I stayed to see where the people were going. Instead of going into the Recreation Center where the sale is, they were led to the field house. There are some things that the College is offering as complete units, such as science labs.

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