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Friday, August 4, 2017

Not much

I have not had much to write about this week.

This week a walking path in Milroy Park along the highway began to take shape.
Most of the stone was in place on when I stopped by on Wednesday, but not all of it. The next step will be to put a coat of asphalt on it.
 You can now drop off packages for UPS shipping at YNG, the 3D printing company located behind Jordan's Floral. If you want to use Fed Ex, Walgreens is the place to go.
 I saw on Facebook that there is a company called Hoosier Hospitality Shuttle Services will soon be offering rides between Morocco and Rensselaer.

There have been trucks and equipment parked at the high rate treatment plant on Lincoln Street the past week. I do not know what they are doing.
With the rain we received on Thursday, the plant may be getting another workout. The airport recorded 1.89 inches on Thursday, but my rain gauge said a bit more than two inches. (The rain gauge on the City Hall weather station was not working for most of the day.) The first inch that came in the afternoon had almost no effect on the river level, but the wave overnight has sent it up more than a foot and it is still rising as I write this.

The heavy rains from a couple weeks ago seem to have produced a good crop of mosquitos. They had not been a problem this summer until this week.

We will have some cool weather in the next few days. It will probably heat up again when school starts next Thursday. Some schools have already started--my grandkids in the Indy area started back to school this week.

There is still time to catch a performance of the Carnegie Player's production of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Lately I have been too busy working on genealogy to spend much time thinking about this blog, which may be one reason that I have written so little this week. I will probably have a post about what I have been doing soon.


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