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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Odds and ends as August ends

I drove to Monticello on Thursday via SR 114. It was under construction, with new paving on the westbound lanes. I did not come back that way because there were several miles of milled pavement.

I noticed a crew putting in a new monitoring well next to the river just below the Washington Street bridge. I am not sure why they want to monitor there other than the long-time presence of the gas station.
In September the Washington Street Bridge will be closed so it can be rebuilt. The closure will mess up traffic flow in Rensselaer. Get ready for it.

On August 19 a group called the Shine Festival had an event at the Jasper County Fairgrounds. I did not realize what it was  until after it was over. It seemed to attract lots of people, just not those from out area. Here is a video.

Apparently the WIC (Women, Infant, Children) office will be moving into the remodeled building next to Lafayette Bank and Trust. It appears that a new entrance is being constructed. I have heard that one other social welfare office will also be moving there. Currently WIC is in the town mall.
The farmers market is thriving with lots of vendors and lots of vegetables and fruits.
I am always sad to see the pool drained at the end of summer.
The Jasper County BZA met Monday evening to discuss again the proposal to build storage lockers on SR 10 between DeMotte and Wheatfield. The owner had made a number of changes but neighbors still were worried about a variety of things, such as garbage and loss of property value. The Board members were worried about drainage and told him to run his proposal by the Drainage Board and come back on November 27.

I noticed a new house being constructed in the Sunset Ridge Subdivision west of Sparling Ave.

The Jasper County Airport will be hosting a concert on September 16 called Tunes on the Tarmac. It will have two bands, one bluegrass the other easy listening. The concert is free but has a suggested donation of $10 with proceeds going to Mercy Flight of Indiana, which provides free air transportation for those with limited needs who need to travel to distant medical facilities for treatment.

Finally, about two weeks ago I wondered what had happened to the wooden desks that used to be in most of the classrooms in the SJC Science Building. Someone commented and the comment may be the comment of the year:
LOL the old desks were placed into a dumpster, and then crushed by a backhoe to make more room. It was excruciating to watch, but a GREAT totem for the abject lack of responsibility of the administration.

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