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Monday, August 14, 2017

The big sale

This morning the big SJC sale began, a sale in which the College says it is selling equipment and furnishings that will be not be needed in whatever comes next. There was a large crowd of people already shopping and checking out when I arrived a bit after 9:00.
 The sale was held in the recreation center.
 Lots of electronics were for sale, which makes sense because the life of most electronic devices is only a few years and they depreciate quickly. Laptops were available for between $150 and $325 depending on the model.

There was also a lot of furniture for sale.

 Some athletic equipment was for sale including hurdles for track. Apparently track will play not role in the future, nor apparently will music. It appeared that all the orchestra and band instruments that the College owned were on sale.
 Speaking of music, a group playing alpenhorns gave a performance at the Library on Sunday. The horns play like a bugle, with the way you blow or buzz into it determining the pitch. I think one of the musicians said that they could play 16 different notes. The cost of a new instrument begins at about $1500.  (There were none in the SJC sale. ;-)
I am not sure how long the sale at SJC will continue. New items will be added from day to day. I wonder if they will be reducing prices on things that do not sell--several people remarked about prices that they thought unrealistic. But some of the prices must have been reasonable because there was a long checkout line of people buying things.

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