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Friday, September 29, 2017

Getting ready for Homecoming

Tomorrow the SJC Alumni Association will celebrate Homecoming in Brookside Park. The sale at SJC is taking advantage of returning alumni with a special sale of SJC branded items. For example, there are a lot of football helmets available.
 Chairs with both SJC and the McDonalds logo.
 There is a pile of old yearbooks.
 Many tables full of clothing and much more.

This special sale is in the Field House, not the Recreation Center. In the hallway leading to the sale the bell that was originally in the old Admin building (burned in 1973 but the bell was removed long before that) is on display but not for sale.

Most of the homecoming events will take place at Brookside Park and a tent has  been set up to get ready.

 In other news, the small parking lot at Weston Cemetery has been paved.
 Below is a picture of one of the preformed beams that will support the new Washington Street Bridge.
 On Friday morning these beams were being placed on the northern span. The supports that were placed on the southern span are being covered with metal. The middle span is still open.
 Have a nice weekend. Enjoy Homecoming and/or Oktoberfest.

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Anonymous said...

Do to Homecoming time constraints ( 11-5) at the park., It's really "nice" of the sale people to schedule their "special" alumni sale hours the same hours as the park festivities. Go Figure.