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Friday, October 27, 2017


I have been looking for obituaries in old issues of past Jasper County newspapers and while browsing through issues of The Rensselaer Republican for the year 1916, found a few items that I thought amusing. If you were adventurous, you might be interested in a new car.
 The latest in kitchen appliances was Cole's High Oven Range.
 Years ago I purchased one of these Hoosier Cabinets at a sale, quite similar to the model as shown below. Before kitchens came with built-in cabinets, they were very useful.
 The train station was a busy place in 1916.
Rensselaer was about to get a public hospital. Look at the cost.
 The foundation for the water tank still remained the last time I looked for it. It is (was) west of the depot. (Click on the picture to get a larger version.)
In recent news, Rensselaer got its first frost of the season Thursday morning. It was obvious but it only killed a little of the sensitive vegetation. In contrast, student at my high school alma mater in central Minnesota were playing in snow this morning.

The rains have slowed or stopped the harvest. Driving east of town on Thursday, I saw a lot of fields harvested but a lot that were not yet harvested.

The Parks for People campaign was formally announced this week. The campaign's website is not yet finished but it has pictures of what is being proposed that are much better than the ones I took. The Rensselaer Republican posted the promotional video on Facebook.

Lafayette Limo will be adding a stop at the Jasper County Airport. Their route goes north to Chicago and south to Lafayette and Indianapolis. More here. Also, the Airport is partnering with 4H for a club for kids interesting in aviation. More here.

The Elza Street apartments will be opening on December 1.

On Friday the bridge crew was pouring concrete for the bridge approaches. The east side rail has not yet been poured, but the forms are mostly in place.

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