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Saturday, October 14, 2017

A bit of business news

Several new businesses have popped up in Rensselaer in the past few weeks or months. In the back part of the Horton Building, where businesses tend not to last, Another Chance is temporary by design. The lady is selling her excess collection and plans to be there only four months. (The Rensselaer Republican had an article about her business and plans a week or two ago.)
She has a lot of stuff.
There is a new business in the back end of Charlie Roberts.  The name has a z but the website uses an s. I did not get to talk to them but they do a variety of home repairs.
E-ZEA Auto Center, which details cars, is no longer in the Roberts building but is still in business. However, they do not have an official business location and they may be working from DeMotte this winter.  They are still on Facebook.

The building in which E-Zea started and which most recently was home to Paul's Auto Repair is now empty.

Terra's Creations and Moore is a new business open in the building that houses Big Dog on North McKinley Street. It has floral arrangements, antiques,  and other decorative items
Fenwick Farms Brewing has been busy remodeling the building next door.

 As for the bridge update, this past week the workers have been setting rebar on the forms. The picture below was taken mid-week. There is more green on the deck now.
Congratulations to the RCHS girls cross country team for qualifying for semi-state.

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