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Monday, October 9, 2017


On Thursday as I was recuperating from the last Walk with A Doc event, I saw a strange vehicle that said Apple Maps go through the park. On Saturday I saw the vehicle getting gas at the station by the river and asked the driver what it was about. She would not give me any information. Checking the Internet, it appears apple maps is used for the i-phone.
 The other thing I noticed in the park was the new mini-excavator that the Cemetery recently purchased. It was being used to dig out a path from the road to the running track that will be made into a sidewalk. This is in preparation for the visit of the traveling Vietnam War memorial that will be here next May.

On Friday I noticed a film crew in the park shooting scenes for the video that the upcoming Parks for People fundraiser will use. They filmed a few seconds of me but I suspect that that little bit of film will end up on the cutting room floor. There was not much happening in Brookside Park, but they were planning to be filming at the soccer fields by the Monnett Park (that is what it should be called) on Saturday. There was plenty happening there.
 On Saturday RCHS hosted cross country sectionals. Two Rensselaer girls were in the lead at about 800 meters and if you click the picture to enlarge it, you can probably guess which of the girls won.  If you want to check your answers, you can here.
 Friday night much of Rensselaer had a power outage that lasted about 45 minutes. Among events that had to improvise were the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry and the CDC Resources Prom at the Fairgrounds.

Pretty much every post needs a bridge update picture. This was taken over the weekend.
 The sale at SJC continues and among the things for sale are lots of old pictures. Many are of sports but the one below is from a theatrical performance.

Among the pictures for sale are the pictures from the Sports Hall of Fame. That outraged some alumni and I noticed that although the pictures are still for sale, there is a note that says they are for sale only to relatives.

I wondered about the old wooden desks several weeks ago. Apparently some hid and avoided destruction. Now they have been found and are for sale.
 There are still lots of computer keyboards and small computer monitors. I did not see any remaining computers. Everything is now 40% off, so they must have reached fair value.

I am still waiting for fall colors, but perhaps the warm weather is delaying them. The City has had both its street sweeper and its green machine vacuum out in the last week or two.

Happy Columbus Day.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where the hall of fame pictures are located at St. Joe? Thank You

Dessert Survivor said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Can you tell me where the hall of fame pictures are located at St. Joe? Thank You

In the entry to the Rec Center. You pass them right before you enter the sale.

Grey Friar said...

I was in the VFW Hall eating my catfish supper when the lights went out. I quipped to one of the folks there that it was interesting that the lights went out a couple of minutes after Mayor Woods and his wife left the building. Do you or anyone reading Rensselaer Adventures know the cause of the outage? I did not see it mentioned in Saturday's online edition of the Rensselaer Republican.