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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Santa Shuffle 2017

The weather was perfect for a race called the Santa Shuffle. There was no danger of overheating and the overnight snow gave it the holiday look even without the colorful costumes that some of the shufflers wore.
The snowfall was heavy enough for the City to send out salt trucks to salt intersections.
Yesterday the temperature in Rensselaer got below 15 degrees. The forecast for the next week is continued cold. The weather pattern that has set up has dry, warm weather in the west and cold weather in the east, with even Georgia getting some snow.

Also on Saturday, the Sayler Apartments on Elza Street had an open house. The interior views were captured nicely by the videos linked in this post. Work has begun on the next set. Notice the gaps between the ends of the floor joists. The side walls of each unit are separated from the side walls of the adjacent units with an inch of dead space. Because the walls are separated, the amount of noise from apartment to apartment is greatly reduced.
In other news, Reflections, which opened in September near the theater, is going out of business. The Rensselaer Police Department posted a picture of the demolition going on in the old Fire House to get ready for the remodeling into a police station.

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