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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Construction Pictures

The rain last night has slowed or stopped road work but for the past week or two the crews have been very busy. Below is Grace Street (looking toward the bridge) after its initial coat of asphalt.
On Wednesday the final coat was being laid down. I expected the street to be open today but when I checked this morning, it was not.
The east end of Milroy has been repaved. Below is what it looked like with just the first strip of paving competed.
I have watched with fascination the work at the meeting of Sparling and Milroy. In the picture below you can see some of the obstacles that the crew was avoiding by putting the pipe below all of them. Nearest is a telephone cable and an old storm sewer line that may no longer be in operation. A bit further in the trench is a gas line and a water main under it. Not showing in this picture is a huge storm sewer that drains the Sparling area, and at the far end are two sewer lines, one a gravity line heading toward the lift station next to Weston Cemetery and the other a pressurized line taking sewage from the lift station to the sewage treatment plant south of town.
In this picture the top of the large storm sewer is visible.

The trench is mostly filled in this next shot.
One of the last bits of work was putting in a new storm sewer at the end of Milroy. City workers did this job.
And finally the hole is filled, though the road is hardly in good shape.
There is still a lot of pipe sitting along the Monnett Street.

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