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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Mostly pictures

Work continues on the sidewalk along Sparling. On Thursday concrete was being poured at the north end of the street. The long stretch from the substation to the end of the field is complete, though I suspect there will be some soil added because right now there is quite a drop from the sidewalk.
 The contractors for the water main finally found the leak in the line. It was under a driveway near Grove Street. They bored that section of the line so they would not have to rip up driveways, but in the end they still ripped up part of one.
 More trees are coming down in Weston Cemetery.
 Unfortunately most of the trees in the west end were/are ash trees and they are dead or dying.
On Thursday the City was working on a short bit of trail that will connect the sidewalk in Potawatomie Park with College Avenue.
 Netco has moved into its new office in what had been Blockbuster.
 Greene's Furniture is holding their going-out-of-business sale. It should last for a few more weeks.
 There is still quite a bit left, but there is also a lot of empty space, especially in the back rooms.
On a positive note, the second Habitat-for-Humanity in the Blacker Village is nearing completion. It has a nice porch.

On Tuesday evening the Jasper County Council reconvened a meeting continued from May 14 to approve funding for the energy-savings/capital-expenditure project with Honeywell. They approved the funding and it will come from the rainy-day fund. The contract that the Commissioners had signed on Monday did not take effect until the Council approved funding.

The Council also agree to continue using Umbaugh for financial planning but put a cap of $7500 for the services. The meeting was lightly attended.

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