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Friday, September 14, 2018

A few pictures, 9-2018

Work has begun for a dog park on Bunkum Road where several City water wells were once located. The fence and trees along the road have been removed and dirt is being moved to prepare for a parking lot. This will be the first project finished for the Parks for People campaign.
 On Friday I noticed digging in the driveway behind St. Augustine's Church. I stopped and asked what they were doing. The parking lot will be repaved and a hole had developed in the driveway because an old fuel oil tank, once used for heating, had not been filled properly. The workers were filling it so the driveway would not have a void beneath it.
 St. Augustine now uses natural gas for heating, as does most of Rensselaer. It originally used coal, as did most of Rensselaer, and it still has the coal chute door.

The Amber Waves festival is tomorrow. On Friday much of it had been set up to the east of the grandstand area.  It looks like it will be a really big event. The parking that has been marked out will handle hundreds of cars. There is a stage and multiple musical groups are scheduled.
 The tents from  a different angle. It should be a fun time for fans of craft beer.
September has a lot of area festivals. One that will not be occurring this year is Wheatfield's Sandhill Crane festival. Road construction had delays from an unmarked natural gas pipeline and the festivals organizers thought it best not to have the festival this year.

Update: The St. Augustine's parking lot has been resurfaced. The fuel tank had been filled properly but the fill pipe had not been removed when they took the top off the tank and filled it. There was a small void around that fill pipe and that was what was causing the problems with the driveway. Now the fill pipe has been removed and the space it occupied has been filled with sand.

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