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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Senior Expo

On Wednesday I went to the Senior Expo at the Fairgrounds. As I arrived, I noticed that a new building was being constructed. It will be the new fair office building. It will have office space, some storage, and a meeting room.
The old office structure will be torn down.
Franciscan had a health fair in the morning. It had tests for cholesterol, blood sugar, bone density, blood pressure, and body mass index (BMI). I forgot to ask the staff how often they find problems that sends people to their doctors. I suspect it is quite often.
There were a lot of vendors at the event. Area nursing homes—Rensselaer Care Center, Oak Grove in DeMotte, Parkview Haven in Francesville, and George Ade in Brook—were there. Autumn Trace, which is building an assisted living facility east of Walmart, had a floor plan of their facility, which will open next summer.

Below is a picture from one of their brochures showing the floor plans of the various units.

They have a Facebook page that has some drone shots of the construction.

I learned that Parkview Haven is no longer owned by the Apostolic Church. For about four years it has been owned by a non-profit group, Pulaski Health Foundation. The Foundation also owns and operates a care center in Winamac.

Though the local ambulances say Prompt, the company is no longer Prompt but Phoenix Paramedic Solutions.

I met a lady who is trying to establish a local branch of FirstCare Home Care Services. The company is established to our north.

The Expo had a lot of booths of people providing information. The attendance was respectable for a first-time event. I hope they will do it again. It was definitely worthwhile for older citizens.

I was excited to see that the pump house for the water well on Sparling has finally arrived. The picture is not very good because I was shooting into the light.
The first two scarecrows for the Scarecrow Trail were up on Wednesday afternoon. One was from St. Augustine School. (It is a compassionate scarecrow because it is feeding the birds.)
The other seemed to be from IBEC.
Enjoy the summer weather of October. A few leaves are beginning to turn and a few more are falling.

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