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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween decorations

As someone who does not understand why people enjoy putting out Christmas decorations, which people have been doing for many years. I obviously do not understand why some people go all out to decorate for Halloween. But for reasons completely mysterious to me, some people take the time and the money to provide what they think are interesting displays of Halloween delight.
The blowup decorations seem a bit cheesy, but this one above is rather cute.
I am not sure what the one above is supposed to be. It was on a street where almost everyone put out something. Decorating seems to be contagious. Once one neighbor starts, others seem to pick it up.
The scene above was just part of a much larger display. The house also had the figure below and much more.
Here is another hanging ghouly in another neighborhood. I saw things like this for sale at the local Walgreens. I wonder if that is where this one came from.My camera does not take good pictures of poorly lit scenes, so I cannot show some of the elaborate night decorations. However, the scariest Halloween decoration I saw on my ride around town was this sign in bright pumpkin orange. A sign like this is not something to laugh at.
Update: Someone told me that there was a noteworthy Halloween display on Elm Street, a nightmare on Elm Street, so I had to check it out. I guess it is rather gruesome. But I am impressed that it seems to be an original creation, not something bought at a store.


Anonymous said...

I see you found the "nightmare" on Elm Street. It is very disturbing to me - I have to wonder what kind of mind really thought up the idea to put dead people on a stick?? I think that is what makes it so creepy to me!

Michael J Oakes said...

I seem to focus on only the plastic, store-bought displays. They make me sad to consider the money someone is spending for such nonsense. (Petty, I always wish I could glance at their monthly household budgets. Some of those things at Walmart are in the 100s of dollars!)

Glad to see some people making their own.

30-year refugee said...

Do the Jaycees still host a haunted house during Halloween. I remember going to the annual Jaycees haunted house a couple of years during my time in Rensselaer.