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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Signs of Amtrak

This morning I noticed that there was a new sign up at the Rensselaer Amtrak station.
Here is all that is left of the old Rensselaer depot. I know several people who think its demolition was a tragedy. I looked for a picture on-line, and the only one I could find is here.
The current Amtrak station is simple, both inside and outside.
Looking around a bit, I found the old signs, which confirmed that there really had been an upgrade of signs.
On my list things to do around Rensselaer, taking a trip on Amtrak is number three. It is something that Rensselaerians should do at least once.

Update. I found this page with a lot of old pictures of Rensselaer and the Monon railroad. It even has a picture of the depot being demolished, and it turns out that I was living here at the time, though I have no memory of the depot building.


30-year refugee said...

i should have known that there'd have been a blog about the old train station. i'm not surprised the building isn't standing any more. it didn't seem like the type of building that could be easily relocated, and given the tracks are likely still highly utilized, it probably wasn't practical to convert the building into a historical society or chamber of commerce headquarters. a shame, but not a shock.

30-year refugee said...

and for what it's worth, the depot was demolished less than two years after i left. it's been gone almost as long as i have. while i don't have vivid memories of it, i have distinct memories, and albeit some of them silly, it's one of those parts of rensselaer i will never forget.