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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Area video on Youtube

Saint Joseph College recently posted an admissions video on Youtube, its first use of the site as far as I know. I have posted some videos that I have used in this blog, and I decided to see what else was there that showed Rensselaer.

Countryside37 posed a video of the "Dancing with the Stars" competition held locally a few weeks ago, and a couple of years ago a video of the Little Cousin Jasper contest in 2006. I liked the editing of the Dancing with the Stars video, but some of the footage that they were working with was not lit properly.

Waukaru posts videos of cattle that are for sale, and interesting use of Youtube. I wonder if they are Barry Jordon's cattle. Here is a video of some guy showing his car on fire on I-65 near Rensselaer. "
yomrcrowbar" posted music from Oktoberfest 2007. I missed this by not being a wrestling fan.

Daved314 Is David DeLauro, who used to teach at SJC. He posted some of his core lectures, in ten-minute segments, on Youtube. He also taught Computer Science and for a while kept the network running. His snow shoveling video is much more entertaining and is easily the most impressive video listed here in terms of the editing.

There is more, but that is enough for this post. Tomorrow will bring you some of my video from a few weeks ago. And if you check tomorrow, you will see some video to which I contributed.

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