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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bundle up, Hoosiers

This morning we got several inches of light, powdery snow, and the snow trucks were out cleaning it up. The weather forecast is for bitter cold and wind, so today may have been a pretty pleasant day compared to what is to come.
As the picture shows, the wintry weather was not enough to stop the Rensselaer recycling truck from collecting on its route.

After I took this picture, I realized that I had had a bad Rensselaer adventure in almost exactly this spot about twenty years ago. On a snowy day much like today, I was driving behind a snow plow that had slowed and almost stopped. I tried to pass, and as I did so, the snow plow turned and caught me with its blade. We were both at fault, I for passing in the city, and the snow plow for having a non-working turn signal. I learned two lessons that day--do not pass snow plows, especially within city limits, and make sure your turn signals work, especially if you have a snow plow.


Ed said...

I don't remember that!

Dessert Survivor said...

Maybe it was closer to 30 years ago. Maybe winter of 1982.

Ron said...

It was in 1991, It was the best week of my child hood, I was able to see both parents for a week, hang out and play ton's of games!!!