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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coming soon

A few days ago I wrote about buildings for rent, and mentioned the old laundromat on College next to the river. Today I noticed a sign in a window and activity, so I checked it out just for you.
A gentleman who was moving stuff out of the building said that they were planning a Mexican grocery and a kitchen for take-out. They will be open next month. They are not occupying the part of the building that was the laundromat, but the part of the building that at one time was the old dry cleaner and more recently was the Ho Ho Vac Shop.

I wish them well. It is good to see entrepreneurship in action.


Anonymous said...

You are better than the newspaper if finding out what is new in Rensselaer.

30-year refugee said...

if it's the laundromat i'm thinking of, it's across the street from a small park. i seem to recall there was a pittsburgh paints store in the vicinity, of all the things to remember, you wouldn't think i'd remember pittsburgh paints, but i do, even though i'm sure i never set foot in that store. read more, now there's a store i set foot in many, many times.