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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Halleck Park

The major park in Rensselaer is Brookside Park, which has picnic facilities, a large playground, softball and soccer fields, a track, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and more. Rensselaer also has some small parks. One of the smallest is Halleck Park, located across the street from the court house square.
The park is named for Charles Halleck, the most important political figure that Rensselaer has produced. He is almost certainly the only Rensselaer resident to have made the cover to Time magazine (June 8, 1959), and was twice majority leader of the House of Representatives, as well as serving a number of years as minority leader.

Does this park have any purpose other than to honor the memory of Charles Halleck? The park is tiny and its location next to the former Jasper County Jail is hardly ideal. It has a couple of park benches, six trees, and a hiking trail that is about 30 yards long. Across the street are the far more attractive grounds of the court house.
Do you know anyone who has actually used this park? And if the purpose is to honor the memory of Charles Halleck, why is there no plaque telling why he was notable?

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