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Monday, January 19, 2009

Shopping at the Prairie's Edge

Last fall the old Ford dealership disappeared. It had been Brooks Motors when I came to town. Many years later the dealership was sold and became Heuring Ford for several years and, then, last fall it was gone. I thought it had merged with the Dodge dealership, but I have been told that it folded. You can no longer buy a new Ford locally.

On Saturday I jogged past to see if the building was still empty and found that it was now the home of the Prairie's Edge.

I had heard of this store, but since I do not buy much in the line of hunting supplies, I had not paid close attention. I had also seen it in its old location, the scales building of the elevator north of the railroad track, but assumed that it was something connected to the elevator. (This blog makes me pay attention to a lot of things that I ignored before.) Of course, I stopped in, asked a bunch of questions and took some pictures.

The owner of Prairie's Edge had bought the building when it became available. The old showroom is now their retail space. The old garage is still functioning as a garage with the same mechanics who previously worked there for the Ford dealership. (I asked about that because I noticed a car up on the hoist.)

They sell a wide range of products, all connected in some way to the outdoors. Prairie's Edge is related to Vision-Ag, but I am not sure how, and the web page does not help much.

They have boots, some winter clothing, lots of hunting gear, and decoys.

They also have some animal feed. I did not look at it closely, so I am not sure for which animals they are selling feed. The website says they sell wild bird food, but there clearly are other things here.

The website says they carry girly stuff but I did not see it. I guess the three deer heads distracted me.

I hope this report is more accurate then this one. If it is not, correct me in the comments.

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