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Monday, January 12, 2009

Shopping at Smiths True Value Farm Store

One cannot get a feel for a place unless one does some shopping in the area stores. So I decided that occasionally I would take you on a shopping adventure to see what Rensselaer has to offer. I did not realize it at the time, but my first shopping adventure was to Wal-mart. Today we visit a large store at the other end of town, the Smith True Value store, also known as the farm store.
The farm store has an amazing assortment of stuff. I do not think of a hardware store as a place to buy shoes or boots, but if you need good work shoes or boots, they are here.
There are also toys, but only toys that have a farm theme.
Of course it has all the stuff you would expect to find in a hardware store.
It has an excellent assortment of chains, ropes, wires, and cables.
And enough chainsaws to equip an army of lumberjacks.
It had some really big wrenches. I guess they are for working on tractors. I do not have any bolts nearly big enough to need a two-foot long wrench.
The farm store also has things that you cannot find in any other stores in Rensselaer. I wanted to take a picture of the pigs ears that they carry for pet treats, but they were out on the day I visited. They cost $1.09 each, so some people must really love their dogs. The store did, however, have a nice box of animal traps if you want to trap some animals. And Rensselaer does not have a chapter of PETA to protest.I have not seen safes for sale anywhere else in Rensselaer, but maybe when I go on more shopping adventures I will find some.
In the picture below is the last jerky kit on the shelves. I wonder if they sold many for Christmas presents. ("All I got for Christmas was a really jerky present.")Outside they have other stuff, like this windmill that is not for pumping water, but for aerating it. The windmill sent a stream of bubbles out of a hose in the tank of water. The sign on the windmill claimed that it reduced algae, bacteria, and odor, added oxygen, improved livestock and fish health, and minimized pond freezing. I was impressed, but since I do not have a pond, I could not justify purchasing one.
We had some keys made and bought a toy tractor as a gift. Even when we do not buy much, the farm store is a fun place to visit.

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