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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jasper County blogs

If you scroll down on the right to the About Me item and click on the "View-my-complete-profile" button, you will see that my location is Rensselaer in Indiana in the U.S. If you click on Rensselaer, you will get a list of all the people who say they live in Rensselaer who have blogs on, the blogging service offered by Google. Some of them have very little, and others more.

If you are lazy, here is the link:

Obviously this will also work for bloggers on who live in Remington, Demotte, Wheatfield, Fair Oaks, and Morocco. There are other providers of blogging sites, and I have not looked at them.

Here are a few others that I do not think you will find in this way: young hunters paradise, Re:Marks, The White House on Park Ave blog

Did you find anything interesting in those lists?

Update: I forgot to mention the SJC student blogs. Several of them are very active.

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Old Hunter said...

I've received a lot more hits on my blog because of this post. Thank you!