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Friday, February 13, 2009


The thaw of the last week has broken up pavement in many places. So far, the damage I have seen does not seem to be as widespread as it was last spring, but it is still early.

Here is broken pavement on a new road surface on Lincoln Street.
McKinley has some rough areas that will quickly become big potholes it they are not patched.
Susan Street in front of the library has problems.
Always look at the bright side. The emergence of these potholes is one of the first signs of spring.

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30-year refugee said...

the snow has melted quite a bit here in minnesota since the calendar turned from jan. to feb.

there wasn't much snow to be found when i was in rensselaer last month, but it was 18F the night i was there, and it didn't exactly feel balmy compared to MN.

so i'm not surprised to see the potholes...we have billions of them in MN, although many of them were filled, albeit temporarily, when it finally warmed up.

it's hard to remember what a typical IN winter is like. i'm sure it's much more tolerable than winter here.