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Saturday, March 21, 2009


I did not pay attention to the renovation at the Lafayette Bank and Trust for several weeks, until I noticed the dumpster on the street and what appeared to be bricked-up windows.
The bank did have a sign announcing the renovation, and I had actually seen a sign about it earlier, but ingored it.
However, a couple weeks ago I had a check to cash and decided to go in and see what was happening. The main entrance no longer led to the tellers. Instead, it lead to construction.
A smaller door led into a new teller's area. Along the side was plastic that separated the working part of the bank from the under-construction side.
What had appeared to be bricked-up windows were not. Instead, the renovation was creating new windows. In the picture below there on three on the left that have been punched all the way, while two window openings and a doorway still need to have bricks removed.

In the picture below a workman is knocking out bricks for the doorway.
The bank is not the only building with some sort of renovation underway. On Kellner between Cullin and Weston there is an old building that appears to have been a garage of some sort that I noticed looked really dilapidated. It had a hole in the back wall,
Below is how the hole looked from the rear of the building.
A few weeks ago I noticed that there was activity here, and the whole back wall had been taken down.
I do not know what this building has been used for in the past and I do not know what the plans are for its future. Because there has never been anything interesting in it, I have not really noticed it in the past. If you have information, leave it in the comments.

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Why the renovations?