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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shopping the Birthright Rummage Sale II

Yesterday we looked at the rummage sale through Friday. The sale continued on Saturday, but the price is even better. You can fill any sized box or bag for only $1. Obviously, the selection is not nearly as good, but there are always overlooked treasures to be found.

The serving counter in the basement began the sale filled with kitchen stuff. By Saturday the few remaining Christmas items were also on the counter. Every year there are mugs left, though almost all of them sold this year. Americans have enough mugs.
Over 50 people came and tooke their time looking though it all. But the time they were done, there was shockingly little left. This year the women's basketball team from Saint Joseph's College volunteered to help clean up. Notice how empty the tables are. This year for the first year ever, all the stuffed animals sold. Usually there are boxes of them left over.
The remains were quickly boxed up and loaded on a truck that would take them to Jasper Junction. This year there was little for them to pick up, as the picture below shows. In some past years the leftovers have filled a truck this size.

My guess is that people are spooked by the economy, and as a result, fewer was being donated and more was being purchased. I asked the people from Jasper Junction how their donations were, and they said that they were noticeably down.
In a final bit of cleanup, the basketball women broke down the leftover cardboard boxes and hauled them out to be recycled.
And then they posed for a group picture. I hope the one they took was in better focus than mine was.It will be interesting to see how many people will take part in the City-Wide Yard Sale on May 2.

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Anonymous said...

Rensselaer is certainly lucky to have such fine student athletes helping in the community from Saint Joseph's College. Yea Pumas!