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Thursday, March 26, 2009

SJC Faculty & Student Art Show

The current exhibit in the Fendig Gallery is the Saint Joseph's College Senior Portfolio and Faculty Art Exhibit, which runs to April 10. The reception for the show is Sunday, March 29 from 2:00 until 4:00. I browsed through the objects and found several that I thought unusual. I liked the mosaic table top shown below. It is by David Herriott, who teaches an art course or two at SJC, and is called "It's Not Nice to Fool Around with Mother Nature." You can buy it for $500.
The chair looks like it may also be by David Herriott, but I did not see any tag with artist and name.
Completely different was this mixed media piece with a ceramic 3-D head and painted, 2-D hands. I am not sure where I would hang a piece like this, but it would deserve wall space somewhere. It is by Michael Crowthers and it is called "The Scream."
Let us end on a pleasant note, Jennifer Guenin's stain glass called, "An Afternoon at the Beach."There is more, and the pieces that strike you as interesting may be a very different set of items than the ones that strike me. That is part of the fun of art.

The SJC band concert is also scheduled for Sunday afternoon (at 3:00). Here is a clip (with no editing at all) from the jazz band in a concert on March 15.

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Again you show curious and interesting things to see around Rensselaer. Thank you.