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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Sports

On Saturday three springs sports had meets or games at Saint Joseph's College. I arrived at the track meet just in time to see the agony of the feet. I think it was the 5k that had just been run.

The next event was the 4x400 relay, and I have always loved this race because it is the last race of the meet. Two of my sons ran in middle and high school, so I worked high school and middle school track meets for about ten years. I was always happy to work the meets because watching from the stands was pretty much unbearable. Track meets have a lot of down time in them, so there are long, boring intervals between the interesting bits. Timing them made the boring bits go by much more quickly.The baseball team was also in action. Baseball is a great radio sport. It does not require much concentration to listen to the game, so people can do other things while the game is on. It is my theory that radio made baseball the national pastime. What do you think?

The girls softball team was in the last inning when I arrived there. (What great timing!) I saw one of the girls I know get a hit, and watched the last inning as the SJC pitcher struck out the last three batters. If you click on the picture below to get a larger view, you might see the ball on the way to the plate. SJC won over Bellarmine University 3 to 0 (but they lost the first game 0 to 3).
After the game the players and coaches from both sides filed by each, giving "high fives" and saying, "Good game." It is nice to see practices that encourage sportsmanship.
It was a cold day and the rain started about an hour after I took the picture above. According to the sports report at SJC, the baseball game was not interrupted.


flatbow said...

Looked like a really small and cold track meet.

Anonymous said...

It is back to your roots. Good photos, and yes, I think baseball is fairly mindless to listen to and even have on television. I got hooked on the Banks and Santo Cubs back awhile ago. It was good company while I folded laundry and cleaned a bit.