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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thinking about summer

A few weeks ago I visited the Jasper County Fair grounds. In less than four months it will be warm and we will be able to enjoy the fair, maybe the biggest community event that we have.
The winter ice storm had taken its toll of branches, but all remained quiet in the livestock barns.
In July there will be lots of people strolling along the pavement here. Kids will be up early each morning tending their 4-H animals.
There will be food booths selling fair food, and in the afternoons and evenings there will be entertainment on this little stage. I hope I will be able to provide a better look at it this year than I did last year.
In the arena in front of the grandstand are lots of concrete barricades. I wonder what they are all used for.
Over in the horse area is a little cafe that is only open for a week each year. I did not have a need for ice on the day I was there.
The favorite spot for a lot of kids will be the midway with the carnival rides.
This area to the east of one of the horse barns will be filled with trailers, as for a week the fairgrounds becomes Jasper County's fifth largest city. (I do not know for sure that it is only the fifth largest. I am guessing that it never gets as big as Wheatfield.)
Even though I visited the fair grounds early on a cold morning, I was not alone. Someone was busy in one of the exhibition halls, which is used year round for variety of meetings, dinners, and receptions.July will be here before we know it. Time flies.

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Anonymous said...

These are interesting before photos. The fair and the weather will make these spaces look quite different.