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Friday, May 1, 2009

Chicks not wild!

Around Easter I was disappointed when I visited Smith's Farm Store and they did not have baby chicks for sale. This morning I was in the area and checked again and found them! They had a box of cute as little chicks that was labeled "ISA Brown Pullets Girls $1.65" Perhaps someone can tell me what the ISA Brown Pullet means.
The chicks were not as cute as the two ducks. And not only were the ducks cute, but they were probably pretty smart as well because they got to read The Wall Street Journal.
If you buy a chick for $1.65 and also buy the feed to raise it, will you end up paying more for your chicken than if you just bought it from the store? And could you really slaughter such a bird as cute as a duck? I could not. Of course I would have no problem eating it if someone else slaughtered it, but I could not slaughter it myself.

(When I was a kid growing up in Minnesota, the neighbor lady would kill and pluck chickens. I remember some of them running around with the heads cut off. My kids never got that experience. Did they miss something important or not?)


30-year-refugee said...

As a child in Rensselaer, we decided one year it would be a great idea to raise our own Thanksgiving bird. So we built a pen in the back yard and spent many months raising this beautiful, healthy bird. When Thanksgiving rolled around, we had all become too emotionally attached to the bird to slaughter it and serve it for our Thanksgiving feast.

So instead we ate the dog.

Anonymous said...

Good story shared here. I had friends who gave me two chicks for my 16th birthday. They were fun for awhile, but they did grow. They had talents not good for a city dwelling. I am sad to say that my dad and I delivered them to country living somewhere outside Indianapolis city limits. Oops!

Anonymous said...

Cute, very cute.