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Saturday, May 23, 2009


In early April I noticed workmen busy on a building located on McKinley Street, aka U.S. Highway 231. They were putting wooden strips on a building that I believed once housed Culligan.

The main occupant of this building is Jazzercise, an exercise club or studio.
About a week later the entire building had been "stripped."
Two weeks later the front had a new look.
On the first of May it looked mostly complete, and there were expensive lawnmowers in front.

On May 21face lift looked completed and successful. The Jazzercise sign is back in place, and the business renting the lawnmowers is called "Big Dog Rental and Sales."
A bit further south on McKinley another building is having a face lift, the building of the Prairie's Edge. You can see what it used to look like here. A month ago the building had its old blue awnings removed (which were a lot like the new red awnings in the picture above) and looked like a work in progress.
About two weeks later the beginnings of a canopy were visible.
On May 21, the canopy looked mostly done and siding was being added to the building.
Another change that can be considered a face lift is the sodding of the yards disrupted by the Melville Street Construction project. The picture below was taken last week.

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